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About F4 Fins

F4 Fins manufactures high performance fins for windsurfing and kitesufing. F4 has developed proprietary composite layups and construction techniques to create unique flexible hydrofoils for windsurf and kitesurfing racing. 

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F4 FINS - NEW FOR 2013

  • Heavy Air Slalom New high aspect design for heavy air slalom
  • light air slalom The latest lightwind slalom fin
  • The GTE Formula Fin The latest formula fin

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F4 Fins

F4 Fins is pleased to annouce new products and we look forward to connecting with you on facebook to share our passion about building high performance windsurfing and kitesurfing fins. Click below to learn more about our products or contact us via email to place an order or share your thoughts with us.

F4 Fins Products +


 F4 D2 Slalom Fin QuiverA quiver of fins

Slalom Fins

The F4 D2 slalom fin is designed to provide speed and control in a wide range of conditions. F4 has a new Lightwind Slalom and a new Heavyair Slalom fins. Sizes, rake and flex can be customized - 20 - 80cm lengths available.

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  BB70The BB

Formula Fins

F4 has developed three formula fin designs, each with a different planform and foil section. The GTE is a hybrid eliptical planform and our latest fin. The BB is an eliptical design optimized to enable planning in lightwind. The CR is based on a planform with a straight trailing and designed for medium to strong winds. Size, configuration, and lengths 40-85cm are available.

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2013 slalom 640Kite Race Fins

Kite Course Racing

The F4 kite fins are based on our proven slalom designs with specific rake and cant angles available. Please send us a message for specifics

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 F4 gray logo tShirt 1
F4 T-shirts

F4 Team

Please contact us regarding high resolution vinyl sail decals and super cool 100% cotton t-shirts

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